Lake Doucette Motor Speedway Online

scoobydoo14_01Speedway is a sport in motorcycle involving four to six riders competing over four anti-clockwise laps of a circuit it is an oval type. Motorcycles in speedways run only one gear and have no brakes in it, motorcycles moves on a flat oval track generally consisting of dirt, loosely packed shale, or dolomite.

There are both domestic and international competitions in a number of countries in the world including the Speedway World Cup and Speedway Grand Prix events are noticeable in the world champion. Speedway is popular in central Europe and to an extent in Australia and North America. A speedway is administered by the International federation for motorcycles race, it administers the variant track.


sptopsmod100recap5p083015Every speed have tracks is between 260 and 425 meters long and it takes only one minute to complete four laps. To start a race it takes one to two seconds for the motorcycle to reach the place. The start of the race is an essential thing for the race overall. Gating correctly may help a rider take an initial advantage over other riders but the advantage of speed can be made as a race progresses. The riders want to take a risk and take an option for finding the grippy parts of the track other than the race line then they are sometimes rewarded with an extra speed which allows them to pass other riders outside or inside of the race area.


mcnicol-2014Tracks used for professional speedway racing only which are regulated by the International Federation for motorcycle who provide rules concerning construction, size and safety procedures of the race track. Racing on speedway takes place on a leveled oval track which consists of two straights joined by two semicircles. The track surface of the speedway consists of four layers of grading. Mostly of which must be of shale, brick granules, granite or other small material of which no single piece can be over 7 millimeters in size. Because a single piece of stone can cause an accident. Tracks watered before and during racing to prevent the surface to make too dry and to protect the public and the riders from dust particles.

1mg5428Safety requirement of the race includes the use of suspended fences with wires, air fences and fences made of wood. The air fence is made up from inflated panels installs on the bends. The fence of the speedway is designed to disperse energy by allowing an impact area to compress and to transfer air into the fence. Speedway  for Grand Prix and Speedway for World Cup.


 A unique type of motorcycle is use in a speedway which governed by the Track Racing and Technical Rules of the speedway.  In all the additions in motorcycles should have a safety cut out device built-in this is can be said in a switch that should cut off the circuit of the electrical supply by an action of pulling a lanyard.

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